A Luxury Necessity 8000a – Hot Spot Smart Tan

June 2021

The new 8000α extraSun: Intensive sunlight with an extra-high percentage of UVB for increased pigment development enabled by the one-of-a-kind extra-Sunlight lamps…

Lets Get it Started by Marie Rodriguez – Island Sun Times

February 2021

Creating an extensive continuing education program, no matter what means you devise, is an important way to increase profits and retention of both staff and customers.

A New Kind of Tanning – Hot Spot Smart Tan

February 2021

It’s the most significant development in tanning technology in decades – or perhaps even since commercial tanning equipment was first created.

Clouds & Rainbows by Marie Rodriguez – Island Sun Times

December 2020

There is strength in numbers, and I see and feel a unity that makes me proud to be a part of it.

High on Hybrid Technology by Bruce Williams – Island Sun Times

November 2020

What is hybrid? Well, by definition, it is a thing made by combing two different elements; a mixture; of mixed character; composed of mixed parts.

Thoughts on Chaos by Eric Haynes – Island Sun Times

October 2020

Just as chaos can be used in negative and destructive ways, it can also be used in a positive and constructive way to breed beneficial, productive and needed changes.

Tanning is Evolving by Curt Holloway – Smart Tan

October 2020

Hybrid technology is the most significant equipment innovation in decades.

If I Did It Over Again by Paul Manke – Island Sun Times

September 2020

The opportunity to join the tanning industry is exciting, respected and very profitable – when done properly.

Up Your Equipment Performance Game by Bruce Williams – Island Sun Times

August 2020

There’s still time to up your equipment performance game and no time is better than the present!

Strength in Numbers Eric Haynes – Smart Tan

August 2020

In this Smart Tan exclusive interview, TSU/PC Tan Vice President of Sales — South, Eric Haynes shares more about the transition and how excited he and everyone at TSU/PC Tan are to be staying busy helping more salon owners than ever grow their businesses.

It’s Time to Win Back Your Tanners by Eric Haynes – Island Sun Times

July 2020

Now, more than ever, we want salon guests to see us actively cleaning and highlight it with visual aids posted in the rooms and throughout the facility.

Be the Bright Light, Bill Pipp – Inspired Ideas Smart Tan

July 2020

As Tanning Supplies Unlimited helps guide its customers through these challenging times, VP of Sales Bill Pipp wants to remind you that your clients also need your support more than ever.

The Future of Sunshine by Curt Holloway – Smart Tan

June 2020

Latest equipment technology completes fine-tuned tanning experience….

Postive Thoughts & Positive Energy by Paul Manke – Island Sun Times

June 2020

We truly believe that our industry will come back strong after these challenging times.

You are UV by Eric Haynes Island Sun Times

April 2020

“There is some evidence to suggest that vitamin D might help protect against becoming infected with, and developing serious symptoms of, COVID-19.” – Harvard Medical School

Work Your Plan by Marie Rodriguez

April 2020

Planograms will help you elevate lotion sales, serve as a multifaceted training tool and turn retail space into a visually dynamic profit center!

Sunshine Meets Design KBL P9 – Hot Spot Smart Tan

April 2020

It all starts with a dream: Solarium design in the footsteps of the iconic Porsche 911. Impressive technology and breathtaking design in perfect symbiosis.

More is Better by Eric Haynes – Island Sun Times

March 2020

If you go above and beyond to let them know that you truly care about them as a valued customer, they will see the value in whatever price you charge for our services.

Life Imitates Art by Bruce Williams – Island Sun Times

February 2020

Improvement in tanning combined with beauty-enhancement features takes the experience to even greater heights – with more in store.

A Sunny Disposition by Eric Haynes – Island Sun Times

January 2020

Keep on creating. Keep on innovating. And find your sunglasses – because it’s a very bright and positive path ahead of us.