Tanning Supplies Unlimited 456+ Years of Experience Make the Difference

Tanning Supplies Unlimited strives to offer you what many other distributors cannot: 456+ years of experience along with training and information to help salon owners along the way. While other distributors hire temporary telemarketers for the season and have a high turnover rate, TSU knows the value in a friendly, familiar voice on the phone.

We get to know each customer, as well as their salon, and value each member of our client family regardless of salon size. You will never be an account number in the computer to Tanning Supplies Unlimited. You are a friend.

We also believe in offering information and training on all aspects of the industry for the benefit of you and your salon. Our entire staff is trained that when they do not have an answer, they will do whatever they can to find the correct one.

Are you thinking about starting your own tanning salon?

If you are considering opening a tanning salon, we have everything you need to make it a successful one. Tanning Supplies Unlimited strives to provide you with all the products, supplies, equipment, training, and support information you will need from one convenient source. When you have a question or need a solution, we want you to think of us first.