About TSU - A Tanning Supply Company

We Are A Tanning Supply Company With 456+ Years Of Experience Make The Difference

Tanning Supplies Unlimited strives to offer you what many other distributors cannot: 456+ years of experience along with training, support materials (equipment technical data, maintenance/repair, operation, assembly & sales/marketing) so that you can provide your customers with the ultimate tanning experience.

While other distributors hire temporary telemarketers for the season and have a high turnover rate, TSU knows the value in a friendly, familiar voice that you can reach on the phone when you need them. We get to know each customer, as well as their salon, and value each member of our client family regardless of salon size. You will never be an account number in the computer to Tanning Supplies Unlimited. You are a friend & partner.

With our expanding new website, regular newsletters, informational flyers, training videos and classes, we are your one stop shop when it comes to your tanning salon needs😊.

Company History

Tanning Supplies Unlimited has been in the tanning industry for nearly twenty years. Tan-U Tanning, Inc. from Wooster, OH merged with Tanning Supplies Unlimited of Indianapolis, IN in 2005 to form the distributorship you know and trust today.

Now owned by Mike & Christina Gilley, Tanning Supplies Unlimited has grown by leaps and bounds not seen by any other distributor in the country. Our growth is a direct result of our core goals and determination, to be the best distributor available in the entire industry. In 2009, TSU also acquired Indiana Beauty Labs.

We have scoured the tanning industry to find the best talent and knowledge available. We have brought these experts in from each area in tanning. From equipment and service to lotions and lamps, our pros offer you the utmost in tanning industry experience. Our knowledgeable staff is the "best of the best", so you can take advantage of their 456 + years of industry know-how!

Give Tanning Supplies Unlimited a chance to show you why so many salons believe we truly are what we claim to be, the kind of distributor you are looking for.