JWOWW Face Intensifier

Face Intensifier | Vitamin B | Kombucha
• Sleek Moisture Technology
• Vivid Intensifying Technology
• Vitamin B & Kombucha
• No Added Gluten, Parabens, or Soy
• Fragrance Free

Your face sees it all so give it the love it deserves. Sleek Moisture Technology contains Vitamin B, which acts as a tanning accelerator for deeper color development. Natural Kombucha helps to smooth skin and increase luminosity and clarity. Get a gorgeous glow for a long-lasting tan with Vivid Intensifying Technology. Your skin will thank you!

“My favorite facial products are the ones that smooth and brighten my skin just like this one. You’re a barefaced beauty so embrace your fresh face! Xoxo” JWOWW – Jenni Farley

Vivid Intensifying Technology: Develop and build the perfect base tan for longer lasting color and radiance. Tyrosine help to induce skin pigmentation for a beautiful tan.

SKINCARE TECHNOLOGY Sleek Moisture Technology: Vitamin B combines with other ingredients to quench thirsty skin and helps to restore skin softness and smoothness leaving skin healthier looking. Not only does Vitamin B help provide the skin with a deeper tan, it’s known to retain moisture in the skin by having a significant effect on improving skin barrier function.
Kombucha: Provides fresh skin and is known to increase skin luminosity and clarity. Rich in Vitamin B & C and Organic Acids that are essential for general skin health.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Formulated without Fragrance, Gluten, Parabens, or Soy this makes the perfect choice for any tanner! This lotion can also double as a daily facial moisturizer.