Eric Haynes

Position: VP of Sales – South

Years in Industry: 39

Years at TSU: 1

Previous Tanning Industry Experience:

Sun Industries/Sun Ergoline: Sales (9 yrs), Sales Manager (6 yrs), Director of Sales (3 yrs), Executive VP (2 yrs);  Four Seasons Sales & Service: Territory Sales (1 yr), Equipment/Service Sales Manager (1 yr); PC Tan: Territory Sales (2 yrs), VP of Sales/Production & Distribution Facility Manager (6 yrs), VP of Sales (7 yrs) with PC Tan

What do you like most about Tanning Supplies Unlimited?  Great leadership and great team unity.  Commitment throughout to truly taking care of our customers.

What do you like most about your job?  I love working with business owners and their teams to strengthen and grow their business by sharing the knowledge that my years in the industry have given me.

What do you like most about your customers?  Them!  Most of my customers are people that I have had the blessing of working with for multiple years.  I love that we get to know each other well and while our relationship is business oriented in nature, it goes deeper than that.  I always want them to know that I truly care about them and their business, that I am an honest, sincere and trustworthy person committed to working for their best interest and working for the best interest of my employer at the same time.  This allows us to have a different kind of relationship.  I get excited when I see their name come up on my phone and I look forward to talking with them.

eric haynes