Versus™ Optimizer Step 2 Bottle

Enhanced Bronzers: A powerful blend of cosmetic bronzers and colorants provide dark, instant color to the skin. DHA develops long-lasting color that is unrivaled. This unique formulation is enhanced with Melanin Activated Peptide and Black Truffle to help stimulate melanin production for an added boost of color.
CuO2® and TRF™: Each is an advanced tanning technology with copper and oxygen promoting ingredients to energize skin for deeper, darker tanning results which gives amplified color.

pH Balancing Blend: When skin’s pH is unbalanced it cannot easily support normal skin functions. This blend optimizes and enhances skin’s pH level, priming it for optimal, long-lasting color results while also helping protect skin.
Detoxifying Skin Blend: Blends Charcoal with other skin loving ingredients to help detoxify, protect, and improve overall skin appearance.
Kiwi Extract: Antioxidant rich, this extract helps neutralize free radicals to prevent skin damage. Amino acids help skin maintain a healthy, supple appearance.
Papaya Extract: Contains an extraordinarily high level of Vitamin C, which is known to increase collagen synthesis for youthful-looking skin.

AVAILABLE SIZES 8oz Bottle | .5oz Packette

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Luxurious formulation contains a high-performance blend that provides an exceptional feel with amazing moisturization benefits.