Love Boho Wild Heart White Bronzer Packette

Darling, you’re different. Make no apologies for your fierce, loving spirit and your bronze intentions! Your bold personality and gold aspirations can’t be tamed with Wild Heart White Bronzer on your side. Consider the sky is the limit with Boho Glow™ that helps build reckless, ravishing color. Fuel your tan with flower power from floral extracts and watch your color truly blossom! The world is yours for the taking, so live carefree and wear that wild heart on your sleeve.

• White Bronzer with Clear DHA
• 95% Naturally Derived
• No Added Gluten, Hemp or Parabens
• Vegan & Cruelty Free
• ATO Inhibitor

Fragrance: Crimson Kiss – Cranberries, Red Peony, Water Iris

10oz Bottle | .5oz Packette

Wild Heart is a White Bronzer formulated with clear DHA and other natural bronzers to build a streakfree bronze without color transfer!