Body by CT™ Tube

• Session Enhancer
•Active Ingredients
•Collagen & Charcoal Extract
•Warming Sensation
•Fragrance: Luminous Waters – Fresh Floral, Lavender & Ocean Water

Now more than ever wellness is on the rise. Body by CT combines cutting edge technologies with special ingredients targeted towards improving your skin and benefiting your health. Enhance each session with this multi-use product for both tan enthusiasts and wellness seekers!

Color Enhancement: Formulated with a unique combination of ingredients to promote Melanin synthesis, provide more oxygen to the skin and help enhance the tanning process.

Sculpt & Tone: A synergistic toning complex that is known to boost the effectiveness of Caffeine. This helps smooth textured skin, reduce body imperfections and encourage collagen synthesis for a more toned appearance.
Refined Moisture: Hydrolyzed Collagen is known for its age-defying properties for a timeless complexion. Combined with Aloe, high amounts of moisture are delivered to the skin to renew and rejuvenate.
Activate & Amplify: Technology with a mild warming sensation that is specially designed to help transport active ingredients faster and further into the skin for increased effectiveness.
D-Tox: Charcoal Extract is used for its detoxifying properties to refresh and clarify without stripping the skin’s natural moisture.

AVAILABLE SIZES 6oz Tube | .5oz Packette


This is the perfect product to introduce your customers to wellness equipment!