UltraSun i8

Complete and perfect body tanning is synonymous with the Ultrasun i8. You can put the i8 anywhere in your salon and have enough space for everything else.

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Sunfit XXL
48 Lamps

Energy, Power & Tanning

electronic ballasts

Electronic Ballasts

The most important benefits of Electronic Ballasts are:

  • Ultrasun machines with Electronic Ballasts are widely applicable and the output remains constant in areas with alternating voltages
  • 25%* longer lamp life
  • Usage of starters is no longer needed
  • More efficient start of the equipment; less peak power consumption.
  • No more flickering of the lamps.
  • Minimizes blackening of lamp ends
  • Reduces maintenance downtime as you will have to replace lamps less often or change starters.

*Depending upon external factors like the environment in which the machine is located, the temperature of the room and humidity in the room.


(special order)

Add the VibraPlate option to your Ultrasun booth for lower-body toning, a must-have feature for anyone who wants defined legs. Slightly bend your knees and choose one of the three pre-installed programs – Relax, Regular and Active – or manually set the speed, time and intensity of the vibrations. Better yet, you can combine the vibrations with music to create the perfect workout session.

Air Flow, Cooling & Sensory

air extraction hose

Air Extraction Hose

Enjoy the atmosphere of a fitting ventilation system. Warm air is extracted from the tanning device through a separate channel, creating a comfortable temperature in the room and the perfect atmosphere for a Recharge Yourself session.

rainbow manager

Rainbow Manager

The Rainbow Manager provides exterior LED mood lighting that can be set to a single standard color or be set to smoothly transition through the colors. Thanks to the remote, controlling the Rainbow Manager has never been easier, allowing you to set the exterior LED lighting to suit your salon's mood, look and feel; it will always look stunning.


bodycooler, turbo topcooler, topcooler


With the built-in Cooler system the temperature is always on optimal comfort. At the touch of a button, fresh air is blown out of the top ventilators to cool the user’s body and face. Therefore, creating the perfect conditions for a relaxing session.

interior moodlight

Interior Moodlight

The Interior Moodlight is the device’s interior color LEDs to create the perfect ambience. It lets you match your centre’s look, mood and feel even in standby mode.

Audio System

Music PRO

Music Pro

Connect your smartphone or portable device to the Ultrasun tanning machines thanks to the Music Pro, and listen to your favorite songs. Not only that, but you can also connect your mobile through the device’s USB port to charge it. Extend the Music Pro option with Voice Guide, Wellness Sound and Bluetooth.

wellness sound

Wellness Sound

Include Wellness Sound to create a relaxing tanning session. The soft nature sounds create a peaceful atmosphere by means of its soothing melodies. These kinds of tunes will relax your mind and body for a personal moment of happiness. Also, you can add your music to the playlist.



The Bluetooth option lets you connect your portable device with the Ultrasun machine wirelessly. Simply choose the name of the tanning device and connect to listen to your favorite songs through the Ultrasun sound system. The wireless connection automatically ends when you leave the tanning room in case you forget to disconnect.

Equipment Control Centers



Expose your entire body to ultraviolet lights with the Handles in the Ultrasun stand-up devices. By holding the Handles, you will expose your underarms to the light emanating from the device, ensuring a complete tan.

IQ touch control

IQ Touch Control

The IQ Touch Control is a digital full-color touch screen for professionally controlling the Ultrasun Q-, i- and E-series devices. Moreover, the easily recognizable icons make operating the device much easier.

voice guide

Voice Guide

The Voice Guide module provides verbal instructions as a personal guide on how to operate the IQ Touch Control and its features. The friendly voice helps you navigate the tanning device’s extensive features.

Want more information on all of the features available on our Ultrasun Brand equipment offering? Download our feature/benefit spreadsheet that details features/benefits of all equipment for easy comparison & product selection. Also includes electrical specifications.

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Technical Data

Product Dimensions

L 54" X D 71" X H 89"

Number of Lamps




Recommended Room Size

7' x 8'


508 lbs


50 amp

Exposure Time

12 minutes


1 phase; 220v



48 Sunfit XXL 200w


Ultrasun i8 Operating Manual
1 file(s) 364 downloads
Ultrasun Poster – QR Codes AR for Q18, i8 & E6
1 file(s) 21 downloads
Ultrasun Product Leaflet i8 USA
1 file(s) 291 downloads
Ultrasun Product Leaflet i8 with VibraPlate USA
0 file(s) 232 downloads
Wiring Schematics i8 UltraSun
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    Please note that large items such as beds and booths are not available to order online. If you are a salon owner and are interested in our our new and used tanning equipment, please contact us directly.

    Please note that large items such as beds and booths are not available to order online. If you are wanting more information on the types of beds, please hover over the equipment tab and select new or used beds. If you are a salon owner and are interested in our new and used tanning equipment, please contact us directly.


    • This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years.
    • This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present.


    • This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer.
    • Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.