KBL P9 extraSun

The new P9 extraSun: Intensive sun-light with an extra-high percentage of UVB for increased pigment development. Enabled by the one-of-a-kind extraSunlight lamps. Get the most out of your 10 minute tanning session☺. See a complete list of features/benefits & advantages below.

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p9 extra sun lamp chart

Number of lamps

beautyBooster hyperRed
70 LEDs

44 lamps

6 lamps

16 lamps

4 facials

Shoulder Tanners
2 lamps

Energy, Power & Tanning


CPI Smart Ballasts

This unique technology provides lower energy consumpion, extends lamp life & allows for speicific UVA/UVB lamp output with just one touch of the preSelection touch screen


X-tra Tan

Even and intensive tanning in the shoulder area through modern high-pressure systems.


pureSunlight Lamps

Deliver the perfect mix of UVA & UVB spectrums of light for pigment production & pigment bronzing

Beauty Booster

beautyBooster HyperRed

Extra-intensive beauty light for beautiful skin and a soothing feeling. With the help of a new chip set and an improved lens we’ve improved the effectiveness of our Beauty Booster by a further 16%. In addition to an increase in performance, we’ve also succeeded in optimizing the illumination image by means of special diffusing lenses guaranteeing an optimal result.


extraSunlight Lamps

Designed specifically to deliver additional UVB light for melanin pigment production & a longer lasting tan. 

Glass Facial System

Glass Facial System

Facial tanner with specially coated filter discs and glass reflectors. Maximum tanning comfort for face and décolleté.


pureFacial Lamps

High pressure lamps deliver enhanced spectrums of UVA light to maximize tanning results in the harder to tan facial & neck areas

beautyBooster hyperRed

beautyBooster hyperRed

With the help of a new chip set and an improved lens we’ve improved the effectiveness of our Beauty Booster by a further 16%. In addition to an increase in performance, we’ve also succeeded in optimising the illumination image by means of special diffusing lenses. This advance guarantees an optimal result.

Air Flow, Cooling & Sensory

Automatic Climate Control

Automatic Climate Control

Auto-Temperature control system driven by room temperature, increases/decreases the intensity of air flow for a comfortable tanning experience at all times during your tanning session

Air Conditioning

Air Condition

The high-performance air conditioner guarantees a pleasant cooling sensation during the tanning session.


Aqua Cool

Refreshing and revitalizing water mist from two special, drip-free jets.


Aroma KBL

Aroma provides a fresh spa like environment for a tanning session that will  boost your client’s mood while minimizing After Tan Odor.

Exhaust System

Exhaust System

System includes vent stack, exhaust hose & connectors that allows for maximum transfer of hot air out of tanning room for a cooler environment.

Audio System



Listen to your favorite music on your smartphone during your session via the equipment sound system. Connection will appear on your smartphone showing the room # you are tanning in.

Music Vibration System

Music Vibration System

Allows for the body to feel the music for a more memorable & stimulating experience

Auto Volume Control

Auto Volume Control

Provides customer a consistent sound level by automatically adjusting the music volume level based on the bed ventilation noise level.

Sound System

Sound System

The sound system for an excellent sound experience. Relax and enjoy the music.

Equipment Control Centers



A pleasant voice guides quickly and easily through the solarium‘s operating functions. Wellbeing is guaranteed right until it‘s time to say goodbye.

LED Matrix Lightshow

Matrix Lightshow

Over 2.400 special LEDs for extraordinary light animations in shape and color.

Easy Control Display Screen

Easy Control Display Screen

Is easy to read, self-explanatory and complimented by the megaVoice guidance system. All KBL beds have this unique "Easy Control Display Screen" so your customers & salon associates will experience the same easy operation regardless of which KBL tanning unit they choose.

Intelligent Pre-select Control Screen

Intelligent Control System

Intuitive function control for customers before the tanning session. Easy access to maintenance and service settings for operators.

Customer Convenience


Wireless Charging

Simple, wireless charging of all suitable smartphones during tanning sessions.

Equipment Maintenance, Repair
& Technical Information Sources

Easy-Lift System

Easy-Lift System

(pull the release lever) & shock assisted bed bench slowly rises for easy access to the interior component compartment. All service & repairs can be performed from the front of the tanning bed.


LED Service Light

automatically lights component compartment when bed bench is opened for easy maintenance & repair.


Lamp replacement/reflector cleaning

hinged bench & canopy acrylics with (3) quarter turn latches allows for quick & easy access to lamp compartment for changes & reflector cleaning. (Proprietary screw driver & latch heads minimize chances of stripping latch heads)


Easy Access Components

aquaCool mist liquid container, aroma canister, airCon system, A/C condensation retention container, ventilation fans, Sound System, ballast tray & electronic boards are easy to see & access as well as the (4) bench air filters. High quality aluminum filters allow for easy cleaning with a shopvac & should last for the life of the equipment if maintained properly.


Safe Storage

manuals & proprietary screwdriver provided have a storage folder in the bench compartment for quick & easy access when needed.


Quick access canopy air filters

drop canopy acrylic with (3) quarter turn latches & all (4) reusable aluminum filers are just a snap away.


Equipment Manuals

detailed Assembly & Operation manuals provide mechanical, electrical, wiring, software, parts, service information & guidance. Available on our TSU website on the Unit Pages, Marketing Collateral & Documents Page & via Dropbox link.


KBL Equipment Software

automatically monitors service needs and/or malfunctions & immediately posts error code on internal control panel display so that your salon/maintenance team can quickly identify equipment maintenance/repair needs. “Error Code” message document provides the following: Status Message, Description, Remedy


Service Video Tutorials

Step by step details on how to service & repair your KBL products are available as downloads on our TSU website on the Videos Tab, KBL Support Tab and on our YouTube Channel (click icon at top of page).


Factory Trained Service Techs

TSU continues to identify & train capable local service technicians to supplement our Factory repair & installation technician team to allow for more timely & cost effective field installation & repair service.


Detailed Repair/Service Documents

provide step by step guidance on specific component/system maintenance and/or repair

Parts Program Advantage

  • Continuity of parts throughout the KBLequipment line means less parts inventory required for maintenance & repair of all models.
  • Loyal equipment customers receive Key Account discounted parts pricing, we challenge you to compare pricing from any other source.
  • TSUs significant parts inventory minimizes equipment downtime and customer  dissatisfaction
  • TSU goal is to lower “Total Cost of Ownership” of your tanning equipment by decreasing parts cost, reducing equipment downtime & designing equipment that allows for ease of maintenance & repair. The initial cost of your tanning equipment is important, but how much it costs to keep it operating, satisfying your customers and producing revenues my end up costing you more. Get the lowest “Total Cost of Tanning Equipment Ownership” with TSU & KBL☺

Want more information on all of the features available on our KBL Brand equipment offering? Download our feature/benefit spreadsheet that details features/benefits of all equipment for easy comparison & product selection. Also includes electrical specifications.

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Technical Data

Product Dimensions

L 94" x D 59" x H 77"

Number of Lamps

56 + 70 LEDs


3 phase

Recommended Room Size

10' x 10'


1477 lbs


50 amp

Exposure Time

10 min





4 800w pureFacials


20 200w pureSunlight


24 200w pureSunlight


2 250w HP


6 200w extraSunlight


70 LEDs


KBL P9 – P9S Menu Settings
1 file(s) 376 downloads
KBL P9 – P9S Operating Manual
1 file(s) 1602 downloads
Light Show Files – P9 -P9S Wonder White-Copper Rose
2 file(s) 129 downloads
Light Show Files – P9-P9S Holidays
1 file(s) 180 downloads
Light Show Files- P9-P9S Magic Silver
1 file(s) 103 downloads
ms P9 US v01-0919
1 file(s) 53 downloads
P9 extraSun Operating Instructions
1 file(s) 44 downloads
P9 extraSun Tech Data
1 file(s) 72 downloads

    Ready to find out more?

    Please note that large items such as beds and booths are not available to order online. If you are a salon owner and are interested in our our new and used tanning equipment, please contact us directly.

    Please note that large items such as beds and booths are not available to order online. If you are wanting more information on the types of beds, please hover over the equipment tab and select new or used beds. If you are a salon owner and are interested in our new and used tanning equipment, please contact us directly.


    • This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years.
    • This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present.


    • This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer.
    • Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.