KBL K7 hybridSun

The new K7 hybridSun is the power-house of the new K7-Series. With the highest performing combination of pureSunlight and smartSunlight for an especially satisfying tanning result.

Don’t be afraid to fit in…the new K-Series by KBL isn’t just an absolute eye-catcher, but is designed to pack trend-setting details and features into a more manageable footprint. This contemporary yet futureproof design philosophy elevates the series’ using a visionary form and lighting language. Shaped and established by the pen of the designer ‘Etienne Salomé’, known for his work for Bugatti Automobiles, the K-Series focuses on perfect elegance, sharpness and its endless possibilities.

KBL K Series Dimensions

beautyBooster hyperRed
2000 LEDs

32 lamps

14 Lamps

4 facials

Energy, Power & Tanning



Deliver the perfect mix of UVA, UVB & Redlight spectrums of light to achieve an optimal balance between the desired tanning & skin care results


pureSunlight Lamps

Deliver the perfect mix of UVA & UVB spectrums of light for pigment production & pigment bronzing

Beauty Booster

beautyBooster hyperRed

With the help of a new chip set and an improved lens we’ve improved the effectiveness of our Beauty Booster by a further 16%. In addition to an increase in performance, we’ve also succeeded in optimizing the illumination image by means of special diffusing lenses. This advance is now available in all current KBL beds and guarantees an optimal result.


pureFacial Lamps

High pressure lamps deliver enhanced spectrums of UVA light to maximize tanning results in the harder to tan facial & neck areas

Air Flow, Cooling & Sensory

Air Conditioning

Air Condition

The high-performance air conditioner guarantees a pleasant cooling sensation during the tanning session.


Aqua Cool

Refreshing and revitalizing water mist from two special, drip-free jets.



Aroma provides a fresh spa like environment for a tanning session that will  boost your client’s mood while minimizing After Tan Odor.

Customer Convenience


Wireless Charging

Simple, wireless charging of all suitable smartphones during tanning sessions.

Want more information on all of the features available on our KBL Brand equipment offering? Download our feature/benefit spreadsheet that details features/benefits of all equipment for easy comparison & product selection. Also includes electrical specifications.

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Technical Data

Product Dimensions

L 91" x D 50" x H 77"

Number of Lamps

50 lamps

Recommended Room Size

9' x 8'



50 amp

Exposure Time

10 minutes


3 phase; 230v



4 500w pureFacials


14 200w pureSunlight / 6 200w smartSunlight


14 200w pureSunlight / 6 200w smartSunlight


2 SunSphere LEDs


4 200w pureSunlight / 2 200w smartSunlight


2000 LEDs


K7 Features Letter
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K7 Features Tabloid
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    Ready to find out more?

    Please note that large items such as beds and booths are not available to order online. If you are a salon owner and are interested in our our new and used tanning equipment, please contact us directly.

    Please note that large items such as beds and booths are not available to order online. If you are wanting more information on the types of beds, please hover over the equipment tab and select new or used beds. If you are a salon owner and are interested in our new and used tanning equipment, please contact us directly.


    • This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years.
    • This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present.


    • This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer.
    • Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.